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Grow Your Business with Radio

How To Grow Your Business


Having a good product or service that people want at a reasonable price goes without saying. Now for the hard part. Having the discipline to market your brand consistently. Use these Proven Principles of Marketing, based on scientific research.


By following these principles, your business will increase each year for the next 3 years and beyond:

  1. Spend 60% of your ad dollars to build your Brand long term, thereby enhancing sales potential on a prolonged basis.

  2. Spend 40% of your ad dollars for sales activation now.

  3. Test your radio commercials so that you know that they are emotionally engaging. Emotionally engaging radio commercials produce up to 8-times better results in-market than commercials that fail to engage.

  4. Be prepared to have a marketing campaign that you can live with for years to come. Keep refreshing the message; just don’t change the heart of the message.

  5. Unless you are a seasonal business, run your advertising year round.

The work of Les Binet and Peter Field has established that the most effective advertising is split 60:40 between brand building and sales activation. This conclusion is based on their analysis of the world’s largest databank linking ad campaigns to sales results.


Our radio group is willing to insure that your radio campaign makes you money. If you are willing to give us a little bigger share of your radio ad budget to help us defer our costs, we will do the following for you:


We will pay Sensory Logic to test all of your radio commercials and give your copywriter insight on how to deliver an emotionally engaging commercial that sells.

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